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Vertigo is a common condition experienced by a majority of people once in a lifetime irrespective of age and gender. Age factor is one such main factor that contributes to spinning sensations. Apart from the age factor, various underlying causes are responsible for vertigo conditions. Vertigo is mainly caused due to problems in thehappyworld.org the inner ear or vestibular system or due to problems in the brainstem. A person experiencing vertigo may feel like whether the room is spinning or he is spinning all by himself, it is termed as vertigo. It results in loss of equilibrium making a person feel dizzy or off balance. Mild vertigo conditions are treated well at home with certain vertigo home remedies. Practicing repositioning maneuvers for thehelloamerica.com up to three weeks helps in combating the issue and relieving the symptoms of vertigo. In some cases, the recurrence of vertigo spells makes it difficult for a person to live with it as it hampers daily activities while making life difficult to accomplish. If you thesecretoftime.net r vertigo condition does not seem to ease out with home remedies and vertigo exercises, your doctor may prescribe you with


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