the most popular types of telemedicine


Remote physical therapy is one of the most popular types of telemedicine. Instead of visiting the therapist’s office for treatment, you carry out exercis and rehabilitation programs in your home. The therapist designs a treatment program and interacts with you during appointments over a remote video connection. They make sure you follow the program, monitoring your progress, and making changes as required.

For many remote physical therapy sessions, all you need is a laptop and a webcam. More advanced programs use augmented reality, virtual therapists, and 3D tracking technology to monitor sessions and provide feedback and coaching.

Remote PT isn’t the best option for every patient, so it’s essential to consider the pros and cons before deciding on your treatment.

The Pros of Remote Physical Therapy

Let’s look at some of the reasons remote PT has become so popular in recent years.

·         It may be less expensive than in-office physical therapy. Insurance co-pays are typically lower for remote treatments, making this therapy an excellent option if cost is a concern.

·         Improved access to physical therapy. Patients often fail to complete physical therapy when it is difficult for them to attend the therapist’s office.


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